Wondrous Space - The Franklin Institute - 2023

The immersive, future-focused two-story exhibit on space exploration marks the first in a series of bold thematic exhibits for The Franklin Institute.

MDSX - in collaboration with Disney

Lead Visual Design | Graphic Design | Print Media | UI Design | Motion Graphics | Media Creation | On-Site Install

Wondrous Space Exhibit at The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA

With MDSX, I had the opportunity to contribute to the Wondrous Space exhibit at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. This permanent gallery opened in November of 2023 in collaboration with MDSX, The Franklin Institute, and lead sponsor Boeing. I worked on this project as a the lead graphic designer; responsible for developing the look and feel of both exhibits in regards to font, colors, style guide, as well as all print media signage and installation, wall graphics, motion graphics and media design, UI elements and styleframes for interactive games, and on-site installation and management.

Software used:

Responsible for Interactive game UI design, vinyl wrap design for scenic rocket and wall graphics, graphics for within and on the display cases, exhibit artifact labels, scrolling signage.
Responsible for logo lockup and physical signage design, large format graphics
Responsible for graphic design of scenic pieces, UI design elements for interactive games, design/position of etching on physical rover, didactic graphics, didactic media screens
Responsible for large format graphics on physical signage, wall graphics
Responsible for informational media, didactic graphics, wall graphics, interactive game UI